Best Women’s Hiking Underwear

Women's Hiking Underwear Reviews

Updated on: August 24, 2019

Creating hiking underwear is not as easy job and manufacturers have found (the hard way) that women don’t want only functional and comfortable underwear, but also something else.

Women that hike still care for the looks of the hiking underwear and as much as they’d appreciate a functional, reliable, cozy underwear item, how it looks that item is also highly important.

It’s an obvious aspect that when you’re out in the cold weather, last thing you want is a piece of underwear that looks amazing on you…while you are freezing!

What makes good hiking underwear?

The material on your hiking underwear has to be comfortable and able to prevent rubbing and chaffing. It’s also important that this material keep’s your body natural temperature.

You want hiking underwear that dries fast and is breathable. A nice feeling of freshness when you put on your underwear is a great plus. The hiking underwear has to keep at distance bacteria so stay away from any item prone to thrive warm and moist.

Your skin needs to breathe, just as all your body parts need to.

When it comes to the materials on your hiking underwear, there are two main categories you can choose from. You can get synthetic blends that are carefully selected (polyester, nylon) or materials with main, if not only component, Merino wool.

Merino wool is not liked by everyone, even though it’s breathable, lightweight and highly efficient for maintaining your body temperature. It also has natural antimicrobial abilities and, therefore, is great for keeping odor from building up. The most important downside on the Merino wool is that it’s pricey and it dries a bit slower than synthetics.

The cut of your hiking underwear has to feel nice and cozy especially on your high-energy levels activities. The hiking underwear have to provide a snug-fitting for better efficiency and to lower the risk of chafing also. stay away from thongs or any similar models as they don’t give enough coverage and they also lower your body temperature.

A “low-waist” underwear has a modern feeling, but it’s the “high-waist”, aka “granny panties” that keep you the warmest in the winter time. If you want to use the hiking underwear as mid-layer, it’s wiser to go up a size.

Check carefully your underwear seams as flatlock seams are more comfortable. Try to avoid the hiking underwear with vertical seams that go down your middle. Sooner or later, this type of seam will irritate in the front or in the back. Or…both, in worst cases.

Even though this might not seem important, having hiking underwear that is easy to clean is also to consider. Most of the hiking underwear is machine-washable, but it’s better to have items that are easy to hand-wash also. keep in mind the machine-washing wears out in time the antimicrobial properties of treated synthetic materials. You want hiking underwear that not only it is easy to hand-wash, but also dries fast, over-night.

The best hiking underwear for women is also lightweight so that you can backpack light, no matter the weather conditions.

Last, but not least, try not to see your hiking underwear as only for hiking. It’s great if you can wear it at home also. Versatility is also a great quality for any piece of hiking underwear.

Final line

Brace yourself when you go shopping for hiking underwear as typically these items may cost more than regular items.

Try to take it as good investment for your hobby and never lose out of sight the chance of ruining a hiking experience on the cause of poor, uncomfortable, not warm underwear.


Top 5 Women’s Hiking Underwear Reviews

Ultralight and efficient, the ExOfficio Women’s Give-n-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini are a great item to try for your hiking underwear.

The hipkini are made of 93% Nylon and 7% Lycra spandex which means they are soft, stretchy and leave a nice feel to the skin.

The item is treated with an antimicrobial so that is keeps away odor-causing bacteria in fabric.

The diamond-weave mesh fabric used makes the hipkini breathable and keep you nice, fresh and cool, without getting too warm.

The hipkini give an active fit as they are lower rise and give great comfort on any high energy activities, including hiking.

The flatlock seams combined with the soft fabric waistband keep at distance chafing, so you feel cozy no matter how much you stretch/run in them.

The hipkini don’t ride up and are very flexible. They feel soft and are not see-through.

It’s very easy to clean up the hipkini, with just some cold tap water. The hipkini dry very fast.

You can choose from the several color options also.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The hipkini are soft, flexible and breathable
  • The item is treated against odor-causing bacteria
  • The hipkini are comfortable and don’t ride up
  • It’s very easy to clean up the hipkini

As for the cons, here are ours:

  • The hipkini don’t go high on hips and the design might not be liked by some
  • The tag in the back is quite big and gives discomfort, even after it’s cut

The cons are too small to count for the overall quality of the item so you get a comfortable, breathable, soft hipkini great to take when hiking.


Finding a good bra for your hiking might be a challenging job as you need an item that is not only comfortable, but also able to provide good support. The Smartwool Women’s PhD Seamless Racerback Bra has many qualities and it’s designed for an A or B cup.

The bra is double layered and keeps you both warm and fresh at the same time. The first layer is made of 76% Merino, 14% elastane and 10% Nylon. This brings not only warmth, but also good flexibility and a good fit. The outer shell is made of 76% polyester, 14 % nylon and 10% elastane.

The bra is covered with elastic band at ribcage so it doesn’t move. The straps give good stability and efficient support. The knit cups are well designed and thought out.

The ribbed knit side panels deliver nice comfort and support. They also look nice and leave a soft feel to the skin.

The seamless knit Merino Wool interior increases to relief and the bra feels nicer.

The Merino Wool is not only keeping you warm but also regulates moisture and temperature.

The smooth face of the bra allows the clothes to move and the bra is versatile.

The fit is great and the materials are high quality.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The bra is double layered
  • The bra keeps you warm, but it’s also breathable and wicks away moisture
  • The bra is flexible and leaves a nice feel to the skin
  • The fit is good and the bra is smooth so it lets the clothes move nicely

As for the cons, there aren’t many on our part:

  • The bra is not padded
  • The straps are a bit shorter than usual

Despite the cons, the bra is still a warm, cozy, flexible and breathable item to get to complete your hiking underwear.


For the cold weather when hiking, a great option to keep you warm and comfortable enough is the Ekouaer Women’s Long Thermal Underwear Fleece Lined Winter Base Layering Set.

The set contains double-layered top and bottom. The set is made of 95% cotton and 5 % elastane, which means it keeps you warm and gives a snug, comfortable fit at the same time.

The midweight tag less long sleeve shirt and the fleece lined leggings are cozy and keep you warm. The elastic waist on the leggings provides a good fit and the low cut of the top is nice, as it stays hidden under the outer layers.

The set is thick, warm and comfortable. It’s breathable and efficient on the moisture wicking just as well.

You can choose from two colors and several sizes.

This set is a reliable option as base layer underwear for winter outdoor activities, including hiking.

The set is easy to clean as it’s machine washable.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The set is warm, thick and breathable at the same time
  • The set is versatile and may be used at home or as a base layer underwear when hiking
  • The set is comfortable and form fitting
  • The set comes in nice colors and several sizes

On the other hand, there are also some cons:

  • The leggings have standard stretch
  • It’s a bit uncomfortable to wear the leggings under your jeans

Despite the cons, the set is still a dependable base layer underwear when hiking in the cold winter.


Soft and silky, the Minus33 Merino Wool Women’s Franconia Midweight Bottom give a snug fit and are a great piece of hiking underwear, all year long.

The bottoms are made of 100% Merino Wool and are a perfect balance between breathability and warmth. They not only keep you warm when in need, but also wick away moisture so you remain warm and dry the whole day. The bottoms are waterproof, not only warm and breathable.

The bottoms have Interlock knit construction, which means coziness all the time. The flat lock seams minimize the risk of chafing.

The bottoms are easy to slip on and look great, just like a pair of snug jeans. The fit is great and you can find your perfect size as there are many sizes to choose from: XS to XXXL.

It’s very easy to take care of the bottoms as they are machine washable and machine drying.

Let’s pinpoint the main pros:

  • The bottoms are made of 100% Merino Wool,
  • The bottoms are warm, breathable and wick away moisture
  • It’s very easy to put them on
  • The bottoms are comfortable and give a great fit

As for the cons, we only have some:

  • The cuffs at hems are a bid narrow
  • The bottoms only come in black
  • The bottoms are a bit saggy in the clutch area

Even so, the bottoms are still a comfortable, warm, breathable piece of hiking underwear to get.


Warm and cozy to wear, the Minus33 Merino Wool Women’s Sequoia Midweight 1/4 Zip has a mock neck that seals the warmth inside, but also a zip when you want more venting.

The Sequoia top is made of 100% Merino Wool which makes it both warm and breathable also, able to wick moisture. Merino wool is naturally resistant to odor-building up so the top keeps you warm and fresh the whole day.

The top has Interlock knit construction which means comfortable wear all the time.

The mock neck design keeps warmth inside and the zip ensures efficient ventilation when in need.

The flat lock seams lower the risk of chafing. Additionally, the top allows you to over layer in a comfortable way. The over layers move easily, thanks to the soft, flat surface of the top/

The top is easy to put on and to take off.

The top is lightweight, warm and also breathes well. It’s a basic style top that gives good fit.

The stitching is high quality and the top is made to last.

The top is easy to clean as it’s machine washable and machine dryable.

Let’s pinpoint the main pros:

  • The top is warm, comfortable and easy to wear
  • The top is breathable and wicks moisture
  • It’s easy to put it on/take it off
  • The top is durable and allows easy over layered

As for the cons, there are some we need to mention:

  • The top doesn’t come in many color combinations
  • The neck feels a bit loose for some

Despite the minor issues, the top is a great piece of hiking underwear that provides warmth, comfort and soft feel the whole day.


Best Women Hiking Underwear for The Money/Best Value

Keeping you warm and cozy in the coldest winter, the Minus33 Merino Wool Women’s Ossipee Midweight Crew is a great item to get as hiking underwear.

The Ossipee Midweight Crew is made of 100% Merino wool which means the warmest option when it comes to hiking underwear.

If we talk about the technical info, we mention this item is 18.5 Micron Merino Wool, 230 g/m2 with interlock knit construction. Translation? Comfortable item underwear, lightweight and thin.

The midweight base layer has a great design and looks great with anything. The sleeves are long and the back is longer so you can bend without worrying for your back remaining exposed to cold temperatures. The item is not too high in the neck area so there’s no discomfort there either.

The flat locks seams keep at distance chafing and the base layer is cozy and feels nice to touch.

The Ossipee Midweight Crew is easy to warm and keeps you very warm. It gives a great fit and you can find the right size for you as the sizing is pretty wide, from XS to XXXL.

The item is high quality and is not only providing amazing warmth, but it’s also efficient when it comes to moisture wicking.

The base layer is easy to take care of and to clean. You can machine wash it and machine dry it just as well.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The base layer is very warm, thin and looks great
  • It’s machine washable and machine dryable
  • The base layer gives a great fit and the sizing is wide
  • The base layer is 100% high quality Merino Wool

As for the cons, there aren’t many:

  • The base layer is a tad itchy at first, but it becomes soft rather fast
  • The base layer might seem pricey for some

Despite the minor cons, the item is still a great base layer to get as hiking underwear as it’s warm, comfortable and…looks great also!


Best Cheap/Budget Women Hiking Underwear

When you’re short on a budget and still want some hiking underwear that is comfortable and nice, you can give it a try with the Makino CoolMax Women’s Thermal Underwear Top and Bottom.

The set is made of polyester that leaves a soft touch to the skin and is rather warm. The underwear wicks sweat and dries fast, which is great whenever you’re in need.

The raglan sleeves and side gussets bring relief; no matter how much high energy level activity you’re developing.

The base layer is highly versatile and may be used when hiking, but at home as pajamas also.

The 4-way stretch underarm panels gives amazing freedom on the move and the set is flexible and easy to wear. The underwear is easy to put on and allows movement of second layers.

The flat seam construction on the underwear minimizes chafing and creates a soft outer surface so that you can easily wear other clothing.

The underwear is easy to clean as it’s machine washable. You can line dry it or dry it flat in shade.

The colors are nice and soft and the sizing must be checked twice.

The set is warm and breathes pretty well also.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The underwear is warm and wicks well moisture
  • The underwear is comfortable and feels good to the skin
  • The flat seam construction allows cozy over layering
  • The underwear is versatile and dependable

There are some cons we need to mention:

  • The underwear doesn’t come in black
  • You need to pay attention when placing the order as the sizing differs so much from standard

All in all, for the little money you pay, you get warm, comfortable and versatile top and bottom ready to help you when hiking.


Best Summer Hiking Underwear for Women

Hiking in the summer is both fun and nice, as long as you wear the right garments. You need underwear that is lightweight, breathable and flexible, at the same time. The Duofold Women’s Light Weight Thermatrix Performance Thermal Shirt fits the description and is a dependable piece of underwear to consider for the summer hiking.

The shirt is made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex, which makes it both lightweight and breathable. Additionally, the shirt is highly efficient when it comes to moisture management.

The Thermatrix 3D textured matrix fabric pattern actually wicks moisture and makes small air pockets that capture body heat.

The shirt features also quick drying vapor technology that evaporates moisture quickly. The Raglan sleeves and the soft stitching minimize the risks for irritation and rubbing.

The shirt is stretchy, flexible and gives a snug fit. It’s odor resistant and comes in very bright and nice colors.

It’s easy to clean the shirt as it’s machine washable.

Let’s make a very short list of pros:

  • The shirt is made of Polyester and spandex
  • The shirt is comfortable, lightweight and evaporates moisture fast
  • The shirt fits close to the body and is odor resistant
  • There are many bright colors to choose from

There are also some cons that we need to mention:

  • The shirt runs a tad small
  • The shirt feels tight in the middle area

Despite the cons, as it’s lightweight, breathable and quick-drying, the shirt is a great item underwear for the summer hikes.


Best Women’s Long Underwear for Hiking

Lightweight and warm, the Hocosa Women’s Long-Underwear Pants in Wool-Silk Blend are a soft, natural option as long underwear for hiking.

The 70/30 combination of smooth European KbT, a certified organic Merino wool and silk. It wool gives them warmth, silk makes them long lasting and strong.

The pants have good breathability and keep your body comfortable, regulating temperature. The pants are lightweight and may be worn as base layer or alone just as well.

As they are made of wool, the pants are also good at absorbing moisture and leave you feel dry, cozy. And, even when wet, the pants still feel warm.

The pants don’t feel itchy and give a great fit. They run true to size and the waist band doesn’t even feel.

Natural wool containing lanolin has self-cleaning properties and reduces the need for washing the pants. Even if you wear them daily, it might take weeks until you have to wash them. It’s better though to hand wash them with lanolin-replenishing wool wash in order to preserve the hygienic effects.

Let’s make a list of the most important pros:

  • The pants are warm, breathable and lightweight
  • The pants are odor resistant and wick moisture
  • The silk makes them highly durable
  • The pants don’t need to be clean very often, even with daily wear

As they might be considered pricey, this may be the only con we have related to this long underwear.

But, for the quality, performance and reliability they give, the pants are a good investment for any woman hiker.


Best Backpacking Hiking Underwear for Women

Versatile and great for the coldest winter hiking, the Minus33 Merino Wool Women’s Kenai Expedition Bottom are a dependable choice when you go backpacking.

The bottoms are made of 100% Merino Wool which means they are warm, but able also to wick moisture.

The Interlock knit construction creates a breathable, yet very warm piece of underwear, ready to take the cold weather when backpacking.

This is a mid-layer clothing and it’s flexible and soft to give you freedom on the move and to allow multiple layers to move easily.

The flat lock seams don’t allow chafing and the underwear is cozy for long time. The bottoms are versatile and keep you warm even when wet.

The underwear is thick, opaque and soft to touch. It’s not bulky and is quite long.

The waistband and the ankle openings are comfortable and the bottoms are easy to slide on.

A very short list of main pros:

  • The bottoms are made of 100% Merino Wool
  • The bottoms are comfortable, warm and breathable
  • It’s easy to slide them on and to overlay
  • The bottoms allow free move

Some cons need to be reminded:

  • Some feel the bottoms to be too long
  • They fil a bit itchy in the beginning

All in all, for any backpacking hiking, the bottoms are a reliable, warm and cozy item to try.