Best Bivy Sack 2019

Bivy Sack ReviewsUpdated on: August 19, 2019

What is the best bivy sack? This has fast become a greatly asked question as more people look to outdoor adventures. However, going outdoors can be fun, exciting and very appealing. Getting back to nature is the jewel in the crown for most adventurers and when you have the best rated bivy sack you can feel at ease. Do you know what a bivy sack is however and why it’s needed today? If not, read on and find out more.

A bivy sack or bivouac sack (its proper name) is quite simple a shelter. This type of shelter is similar to that of a regular tent but it’s slightly different in a variety of ways. The sacks are designed to be waterproof as they are usually exclusively used outdoors. However, these are also compact and very light so that they can be move from one location to another with ease. They can be used at night as a shelter to allow users to sleep in a warm environment.

The bivy sack can be utilized by hikers and mountaineers and many outdoor adventurers. However, they are quite smaller than a standard tent but they do use far less space which can be important as it’s not always convenient to find a safe camping ground. Also, they are far easier to carry and transport. The main concept of the bivy sack is to ensure a quick setup and to ensure warmth for the user.

The bivy has a very simple design as it uses waterproof and breathable fabrics and is well insulated. Buying the best bivy sack in the world can be vitally important especially if you’re spending prolonged hours outdoors. If you aren’t sure which is the best, read on and find the best bivy sack review.

Top 3 Best Bivy Sack Reviews


The Aqua Quest Mummy Waterproof Bivy Sack

When you are heading outdoors you need to know you have the best tools and equipment to keep you safe and warm and bivy sacks are vitally important. The Aqua Quest Mummy waterproof bivy sack is a perfect little tool to have in your corner and it really is well worth the money you’ll pay for it. It isn’t too pricey and really looks good. This sleeps on person but there is a lot of room and comfort with this so that should be more than useful.

The Aqua Quest is totally waterproof which is really important as you want to be shielded against the elements. You don’t want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere all night only to find the bivy isn’t fully waterproof! Buyers get 70d of rip stop fabric and it also comes with the laminated PU coating which is another lovely feature. The heat taped seams help to keep the warmth in and when the bivy is zipped up, it isn’t overly stuffy or claustrophobic!

The bivy is compact and very light, ultra light that is and this is totally portable too. That is an important factor as when you’re out and about you don’t want to carry around a heavy bivy. This is versatile too which means you are getting maximum comfort, it’s extra wide and that is useful and you get the easy setup feature which is simple to use too. You don’t have to worry too much about this bivy though once you get everything set up.

The Woodland Camouflage Waterproof Bivy Cover

A bivy needs to be reliable than anything else as this is what makes them worthwhile. If the bivy isn’t reliable then using it outdoors is a real waste of time however the Woodland Camouflage waterproof bivy cover is truly a wonderful option to choose from. Buyers are getting that beautiful camouflage effect and that is the best feature really! You can sleep in the elements without worrying about having a disturbed night sleep.

The cost for the bivy is quite affordable and is fully waterproof also. Being waterproof is such an important factor because if someone is outside for lengthy periods of time they want good cover. You can easily get the best cover with this gorgeous bivy. It’s strong, reliable and durable too so you can use this time and time again!

The bivy sack is perfect for outdoor camping and can stand the test against the elements too. It’s fully compact too which means you can easily carry this wherever you go. Also, you can comfortably sleep one person in here and you can get a good rest. The waterproof design is good and will help to keep warmth in during the night.

The Survive Outdoors Longer Escape Bivy

Buying the best bivy is incredibly important otherwise buyers are wasting their money and if you want to find one of the best, you could look at the Survive Outdoors Longer Escape Bivy. This little bivy is truly a strong and durable little bivy and it’s going to offer great cover for the night. You are not going to complain about this bivy that’s for sure and it comes with a great price too.

You can stay dry and warm throughout your journey and it makes a beautiful emergency shelter if you find yourself out in the elements! The bivy is truly high quality as it keeps you dry and warm throughout your night’s sleep. The water resistant fabric is the standout feature as it helps to keep the rain off your back and even if it’s quite wet outside, you stay fully dry.

The fabric is unique though as it helps to keep body heat within the bivy and reflect it so that you stay warm. It isn’t easy to rip or tear the fabric and it’s suitable for heavy use so you can use it time and time again without damaging it. The finished olive green design does do it’s best to keep you blended into the scenery! That is quite impressive and there is a side zipper too which helps to make it easy to close and open.


The Best Overall Bivy Sack

It’s super important to get a true quality bivy as it’s what going to keep you dry and safe during the night outdoors. However, you don’t want a beautiful bivy, yes, you do want a nice designed bivy but the overall look isn’t what matters most, it’s the quality that comes with it. The MSR AC bivy sleeping bag has to be the best overall bivy sack and it really produces the quality and reliability all users need.

The price is nice and affordable and it comes in one size which shouldn’t be too much of an issue depending on how tall you are! However, the bivy sack is really great as it helps to keep the cold away and it’s not overly weighty either which means carrying it around shouldn’t be too troublesome. It’s more compact so you can take this wherever you go on your outdoor adventures.

The MSR is made from nylon and the rip stop 2-ply breathable design is perfect. You really don’t have to worry about accidentally ripping or tearing the bivy as it’s strong. Durability is at its best here and that is what you have to admire most. The waterproof top and coated floor is excellent too and the zipper allows for easy access too.


The Best 4 Person Bivy Sack

When you are heading outdoors with a group of people you want to make sure everyone is safe and warm throughout the night. Bivy sacks are there to be used and they can help to keep people warm and safe. However, four person bivy sacks are a little difficult to come by depending on where you shop but the Chinook Twin Peaks guide 4 person plus aluminum pole tent is the best 4 person bivy sack! This comfortably seats four people so all four can enjoy a great night’s sleep. It’s perfect for families or friends.

You might find the cost for the four person bivy sack to be a little more costly than a standard one person bivy but that is simply because it’s a little bigger. However the comfort is still there and it really offers such high quality too. Chinook is a big name today and they really do offer such high quality with this gorgeous bivy. It has a basic design but that is still nice and it’ll last through wind storms and heavy rain.

Users will also find this to be extremely versatile and durable. It’s been made from heavy-duty nylon which helps to make this a strong bivy. There is a waterproof coating and even if you aren’t sharing this with a few others, you get a lot of room! All four people should find there is sufficient room so that they aren’t overly cramped into the space.


The Best Bivy Sack for Alpine Climbing

Let’s be honest alpine climbing is fun but it can be rocky and very cold. You cannot go unprepared or underequipped otherwise you could be in for a heap of trouble! Every climber needs the best bivy sack for alpine climbing and one of the very best must be the Black Diamond Bipod Bivy. This not only looks like a real quality piece but offers sufficient space for climbers.

The bivy is strong, durable and can withstand the elements to say the least. The net door with zipper offers an easy access point and you can keep the bugs out with the mesh panel. Throughout the night you can absolutely enjoy the warmth you get with this bivy and it isn’t overly pricey either.

However, the taped seams help to keep the warmth in and there is plenty of ventilation so you don’t feel stuffy. There should be enough room for one person to sleep comfortably and it does have a stunningly simple design. You will love to use this whether you have intentions to use this on a weekly basis or once a year.


The Best Bivy Sack Backpacker

If you are searching for the best bivy sack backpacker then you might want to take a very close look at the Hyke & Byke Shavano 32 F Ultra light mummy down sleeping bag for backpacking with compression sack. The bivy sack not only looks like a professional made and quality piece but offers a good affordable price too. You will see the quality as soon as you look at the Shavano and its ultra light too!

Users are able to get a lot of warmth from the bivy and once you find a nice comfortable spot, you can enjoy a night’s rest with ease. The insulated fabric helps to keep everyone warm and the waterproof feature is a lovely addition too. As with any outdoor adventurer waterproof remains vitally important; and this bivy certainly provides that and much more. You cannot understand how comfortable this is until you try it!

The durability factor is tremendous and it’s ultra lightweight too. Now, you might not think too much about weight but it’s vitally important when you’re carrying this around for hours at a time. Since its ultra lightweight any backpacker can carry this around with ease and it’s not something to notice you’re carrying. Stay warm.

The Best Bivy Sack for Winter Camping

During the winter months there are many who end up going camping and while many will say that isn’t the best time, a lot of people absolutely love to do so. However, buying the best bivy sack for winter camping isn’t as difficult as you’d think and one of the best is the Aqua Quest mummy waterproof bivy sack one person sleeping bag cover. The Aqua Quest is truly a great little bivy and its light and waterproof too!

Most will adore the fact the bivy sack is ultra light and compact so that is great. Carrying this from one location to another is super easy as it’s so light! This is also waterproof which is very impressive as you want to stay dry and warm throughout the night. The Aqua Quest comes with the best waterproof fabric and the laminated PU coating and heat taped seams are great too.

Setting the bivy up is super easy to do and it isn’t overly costly either. This is great and it’s something you may want to think about too since you don’t want to struggle to build a bivy! However, the bivy is a quality little piece and it’s one you can enjoy time and time again.


The Best Bivy Sack for Bike Touring

Touring from one place to another is tiresome and so very tough on the body. You not only have to worry about keeping your legs in good shape but keeping warm during the long nights. Ideally you want to use the best bivy sack for bike touring and one of the best has to be the Kelty Classic Bivy. The bivy offers a simple feel to it but it’s truly comfortable and high quality too.

The bivy has a simple design but it will help you to stay warm throughout the night and that is vital! However, as most will know being outdoors often brings little bugs and insects and you don’t want to share your bed with these! You can easily avoid troublesome bugs with the mesh window and it’s really a quality feature with the bivy. This will keep the bugs away and you happy so you can have an undisturbed night’s rest.

The bivy isn’t overly heavy though and that is good when you want to transport it. Portability is a factor for almost every piece of outdoor equipment and this Kelty is a truly quality option. The U shape zipper helps to ensure it’s easy to slip in and out of the bivy.


The Best Hiking Bivy Sack

Hiking can be a fun pastime and one thousands adore too but being stuck out in the elements all night can be an unpleasant feature to come with it. When you camp outdoors during a hiking trail it really can take a lot out of you and if you don’t have the best equipment you can start to feel the cold. The best hiking bivy sack isn’t hard to find and one of the best must be the Slumber Jack Contour Bivy.

The Slumber Jack Contour bivy isn’t overly costly and offers such high quality. The dual zipper feature is stunning as it helps to keep the warmth in and the bugs out! The hook and loop tabs are quite a lovely feature too as it allows users to remove their arms from the bivy. This can be great for a host of reasons and it’s something which you don’t often see with bivy sacks. However, the visor is adjustable and has a mesh window which helps to keep the bugs away.

The bivy comes with a nice hooded design but this offers better ventilation and more comfort too. You are going to love how comfy the bivy feels and the easy access is very important as you don’t want to struggle in or out of the bivy. This comes with 40d waterproof and breathable fabric and the taped seams too.


The Best Lightweight Bivy Sack

Most people don’t think about lightweight features as much as they should. However when you are carrying bivy sacks for long periods of time, you don’t want it to be overly heavy. If the bivy is heavy then you’re less likely to cover a lot of ground and more likely to fall behind others. That is why the best lightweight bivy sack is necessary and the Sleeping Bag Cover waterproof bivy sack 350g lightweight mummy compact camping nylon rip stop is the perfect one. The bivy is strong, durable and very appealing too.

You are not only getting a fantastic price but a lovely bivy sack for your money too. You get 500d nylon and its rip stop so it’s not easy to damage. This is important when you are outdoors as things can easily snag and tear; however with this lightweight bivy you don’t have to worry about such things happening. The coated interior really feels superb and luxurious and it’s nicely priced too.

Buyers are going to get extra warmth which is really good as most will require some extra warmth during long cold nights. However, the lightweight feature is probably the standout factor with this as it’s easy to carry around and helps to keep the chill away from you too. The convenient adjustable string strap is appealing.


The Best Bivy Sack for Mountaineering

Mountaineering has become one of the most popular pastimes and you can’t blame people why they love this hobby. You have a world at your feet with lots of scenery to adore but you also spend a lot of time outdoors and spending a night outside can be difficult. It’s cold and when you are like this, you can barely sleep or enjoy the experience which is why the best bivy sack for mountaineering is needed.

The Chinook bivy base bag is quite an appealing little tool for any outdoor mountaineering expert and it really is the best bivy sack for mountaineering. It’s neatly priced and it’s made by a much respected name in the industry also! You can get total warmth in this whether you spend a few hours outdoors or all night!

Buyers are getting a PU coating and waterproof nylon fabric. You can be assured when you’re sleeping outdoors you can enjoy the night. The contoured hood is a great little feature and you have plenty of room as well which is of course very important. It’s lightweight and the taped seams are going to help keep you snug.


The Best Bivy Sack for Rain

When it comes to getting the best bivy sack for rain you may be interested in the ACU digital bivy cover. This beautiful sack is simple yet helps to keep the rain off your back and the cost isn’t too costly either! However, the bivy sack is truly high quality and it’s going to keep you warm, safe and all snug during a long cold and wet night.

The finished design looks impressive and offers a more outdoor feel. This is great because you can blend safely into the background so you can have a good rest at night. The fabric is non-flammable which is again very important and it’s something all bivy sacks should have. However, it’s really good quality from start to finish.

The fabric is also washable so it can be placed into the washing machine to clean after it’s used. The two-way nylon zipper is a useful tool as it offers good ventilation. The bivy looks its best whether it’s used occasionally or frequently.


The Best Bivy Sack for Best Value

Money is tight for most and spending money on something that isn’t going to be used is a real waste. You want to buy a quality bivy sack and ensure it’s really worth the money you’re paying and despite what you think; it’s not too difficult to find such tools. The best bivy sack for best value has to be the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy. It really offers a sensible price for great quality and that counts for most in today’s market.

Buyers are getting excellent ventilation with the Sierra and that is important for a host of reasons. This bivy is suitable for any cold or wet weather and you are going to stay dry which is what every buyer wants and needs. If you don’t get a good quality bivy you might end up with a terrible night’s rest.

The Bivy is waterproof and breathable which makes it far more durable than you’d think. The reliability factor is at its best and users get to feel comfortable too. You don’t want to stay warm but be uncomfortable all night so it’s good it’s both.


The Best Budget Bivy Sack

If you are someone who is money conscious and who doesn’t really want to part with a great deal but still wants a quality piece, you have a challenge on your hands! However, finding the best budget bivy sack isn’t as difficult as you probably think. There are many good options to consider and one of the very best has to be the Sierra Designs Navassa Bivy. This is not only a beautifully designed bivy but one suitable for any outdoor weather.

You might think since it’s a budget orientated bivy it won’t offer as much but in truth it does and its super high quality too. That is what every buyer should look for as it’s important and really it’s what buyers should get. The price is really good and affordable and the PVC free seam taping is excellent.

This isn’t overly big so it should be suitable to carry from one location to another without too much difficulty. However, the breathability and waterproof factors are fantastic. The U shape zip allows for easy access and you can get a good rest within this too.


Only the Best Bivy Will Make Your Night Outdoors Comfortable

Sleeping outdoors isn’t always easy. You have the cold to fight and you must locate a perfect spot to spend the night too. However, a bivy isn’t just used for winter or cooler months, even in the summer it can get cold outside and that is why it’s crucial to have a bivy at hand.

Have you ever spent the night outdoors when it’s chili? It’s not comfortable to say the least as you’re wrapped into a little ball and you’re trying desperately to grab a quick nap. Unfortunately for most it sets the entire outdoor adventure off on the wrong foot and that isn’t right. Being outdoors is supposed to be fun and appealing and if you have the right equipment to hand you can be sure to enjoy the experience.

Buying the best bivy sack can be crucial and it’s necessary too. When you have the best you can stay warm during the night and get good rest too. You might not think a bivy sack would make all the difference but it can and it’s worth considering too.